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Fair Play

One of the major concerns that many poker players have when playing online, is about the way games are conducted in poker rooms. At Golden Tiger Poker, players don't have to concern themselves with the worry of cheating or fixed decks or hands, because we believe in, and have taken great care to implement Fair Play in our poker rooms.

What is Fair Play? It is our insurance to you that all decks being used have been randomly shuffled, reviewed and verified through the technology of the Random Card Shuffler. A system that is even more secure and accurate then those used in live casinos.

In fact, Fair Play is so important to us, that not only does Golden Tiger Poker employ an independently reviewed Random Card Shuffler, but the results are published on Golden Tiger Poker by Independant Auditors, which can be viewed here.

In addition, players can track their wagering and gaming history through PlayCheck, and can review and track their banking transactions through Transaction History. These unique features are unrivalled by land based poker rooms, and if our players have any queries or problems we encourage them to contact our Support Centre immediately.

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